Kazuo Kojima (Owner of Pensacola)
Feel free to hop in anytime.

Let's enjoy improvisation and improve our skills
Ayako Ukawa (Host)     ywebsitez
Kazumi Watanabe
Letfs have fun.

Enjoy tap!!!!
Taisuke Watanabe (Musician/p)
Ifm crazy about tap.
I want to support and to be supported by rhythm of the moment.
I want to do everything to make our jam fun!
Kenichi Fukami(Musician/b)
I feel this tap jam is like multicultural exchanges.
When Ifm playing music, Ifm always trying different approaches to different level of tap dancers as if Ifm having conversation with them.
So I want those who have just began dancing and interested in joining a jam to come.
Reona (Supporter)     yblogz
Ifm always happy girl! Itfs up to you whether you can really burn briskly!!

Please come to Pensacolac.where I gained a lot of experiences.
Shuto (Supporter)
Hey, even Ifm dancing here.

Look forward to seeing you!